Sunday, November 02, 2008


I am a firm believer of the laws of Karma. What goes around goes back to you. I learned the hard way as a young adult. A lot of things I did wrong came back to bite me on the butt. I paid the price and learned to respect the laws of Karma.

However, what does one do about someone who acts like a victim when s/he is not? S/he goes on and on about it as if s/he is a victim. S/he is like a sexual predator who says, "It is not my fault I am like this. Someone made me that way. It is their fault I am that way." A predator acting like a victim. This describes this person to a T.

So, how do we go about this? Pretend we didn't hear her/him? Rub it in her/his face? Talk to her/him about it? Exact a revenge upon her/him? Reject her/him? What? It'd be nice to hear from Candace McCullough from ACS to see what she has to offer on this. From my position, I could only offer the ideology of Karma. Think before you act. Think how you do will come back to you. Think about how you like to be treated and treat others accordingly.

The latter applies to the case in point. The insults thrown upon others freely could not be how the person wishes to be treated by others, correct? So, why does the person inflict insults and belittlement upon others? I can only assume he/she actually likes being insulted and belittled? It is actually hard to swallow, but really, could it be so?

Is it really because s/he truly believes s/he was made that way by other people? That s/he is truly a victim of her/his upbringing? A vicious cycle? Or is the physiology of the person responsible? In other words, is it in the genes? Or what??

All I know is, I learned from my life experience and modified my behavior. I only can assume some people are not capable of correcting their behavior. Some just keep repeating the same things over and over even after getting bit in the butt by the laws of Karma. Is it because s/he is too dense to realize it is Karma or ....just is incapable to see the reality of what is happening? Does s/he distort the truth to fit his own reality? In other words, s/he actually thinks s/he is a victim...that everyone else is mean and vicious to her/him for no reason, that s/he absolved self of any wrongdoing?

This goes for cyberbullying. It has been a problem on DR for a long while now. There have been some disciplinary actions taken by Tayler Mayer who banned certain individuals from DR and DVTV. Those cyberbullies were WARNED to stop or it would turn around to them one day. It's happened. It is called Karma. As I said, it is hard to swallow that they were victims.

Respect the laws of Karma. What you do to others will be undone upon you. It is simply a golden rule in the matters of life.