Friday, June 25, 2010

CA AB2072 Group: THANK YOU!

I would like the opportunity to give a heartfelt gratitude to the CA's AB2072 group who worked so hard to get the 3 demands amended to this bill.

Why should I be concerned if I am not CA resident? It matters!


CAM said...

Thanks for posting the vlog. I agree it is important to support deaf-related bills in other states. The bill will affect us in our states in some way. Get it done the first time. Harder to fix later on.

theHolism said...

Thanks for the info. I also took the liberty and had someone prepare the entire transcript, which took over 20 hours (2 days) to accomplish. It's unofficial, of course but very accurate because we reviewed it 3 - 4 times to make sure. It's seen at my blog site at if you want to see it.

Important to know everything that was said, discussed and carried out at the hearing so I hope you'll post this one.