Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Candy/Gina: "Trust the System." Mindboggling!

Candy/Gina asked Linda in Mike McConnell's Wikipedia blog why couldn't we trust the system in regards to AB2072 that the bill would be rewritten eventually in our favor. Mindboggling!


Candy said...


Ya wanna get personal? It's not my cup of tea ya know?

FYI Senator Alquist said the same thing I said, to have faith in the system. And, I think she's right. One should never lose faith in anything in life. I don't know how much stock you put into faith. But, yeah, when Alquist said almost the same thing as I did, I nodded. Yup, totally agree with her.

RLM said...

Deaf Tea Lady,

Right on! I wish that I could understand and figure out what make Candy to have the complete faith in the system or she just love to argue.


Deaf Tea Lady said...

Candy, leave to politicians to tell us to put faith in them, and nobody trusts politicians! Ya know, historically, deaf voice are not heard. They hear the mainstream voice and act accordingly. What they know about audiologist? What they know about ASL? Nil. Zero. Zip. It is our duty to be wary and be our own watchdogs to ensure the bill will protect our children. It is nutty to put faith in politicians who know nothing about the deaf.

Dianrez said...

Tired as I am of this controversy, I'm afraid that Tea Time is right.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease so the wheel can turn properly. Not speaking up means things don't change.

Sitting back and letting the politicians do it all is asking for trouble down the road. It is easier to get it right FIRST before it goes to a final vote.

Shel said...

Candy, if the press do not trust the politicians to do their jobs without holding their feet to the fire using their investigative powers and power of the pen in various venues... and they are mostly hearing... then how can we, the Deaf, trust politicians who have historically shown themselves to be lacking in knowledge when it comes to the Deaf and pedagogical approaches and ramifications of "communications options" that have been selected over ASL most of the time?

Welcome back, Deaf Tea Time!

Anonymous said...


I would agree with Candy. Have faith in system, if you don't then deaf need to get out and vote. They hardly voted.
List of the opposition of AB 2072 names at the hearing shows only 8 voted and the rest has never voted in their lives.

Deaf Tea Lady said...

Dianrez, Right. I vlogged that it was important to DO IT RIGHT the first time in my other post thanking the CA AB2072 group for their vigilant watchdogging.

Shel, welcome back!

Anonymous, obviously you didn't watch the AB2072 hearing vlogs by Katrina Pederson, Ella Mae and David Eberwein. There was a LINE of people who opposed to the bill who stood up and told the members of the committee their names. Looks like you are not the top of things.

Don G. said...

Blindly trusting the system, when the system is stacked against us is just asking to be screwed.

How is the system stacked against us?

Do we have any Deaf Assemblymembers?
Do we have any Deaf Senators?
Do we have any Deaf Governors?
Do we have any Deaf Presidents?
Do we have any Deaf judges?

Until we have people in place that we can feel are representing and understanding OUR interests, it is OUR responsibility to make sure that WE are heard.

Candy trusts the system -- why? Because the system works FOR her and HER values, not ours!

Dianrez said...

Don G., that was eloquently put, if blunt. Unfortunately, that is accurate and applies to all minority groups, not just Deaf people.

Just a small addendum: we gain credibility when we expand our minority group as far as we can. If we can enlist and represent nonsigning Deaf, oral deaf, Minimal Language Skills Deaf, HOH, etc., the numbers add up to more credibility and we can speak up for ourselves more effectively. Not allow the elected politicians to think that they act for us without our say.

Deaf Tea Lady said...


I believe there ARE minority leaders in the political arena now..there are hispanics, black-americans, asians, native indians, and so on. That give the other minority groups more advantages than us the deaf.

So far, we don't have any politicians who are deaf.

Linda said...

I also think that "Why can't we all just agree to disagree!" is another canard that just allows the continuation of the status quo.

The proponents of this bill INSIST that SOME bill MUST be passed NOW. This REQUIRES that we solve a problem that we KNOW has a long history, at least as contentious as the arguments we're dealing with right now.

What would have happened, had EM Gallaudet "agreed to disagree" with AG Bell?

- Linda

Linda said...

Candy says:

> Ya wanna get personal?
> It's not my cup of tea ya know?

Getting personal, malice... Lots of things are "not her cup of tea", but MANY other people seem to see these things coming from her.

Candy believes the repeated comments about her are simply not true, citing "People who know me know I'm not like that..."

Supposedly, we have no real experience with the Candy we all know from the comments because the Candy in her blog has issued this disclaimer?

So we are just to be dismissed from being allowed to form opinions based on our own, too often painful, experiences with her actual actions?

Ok... How's that seem to be working out so far?

Maybe time to "not really be like that" for real?

- Linda

Linda said...

Mendoza is HIMSELF one of these new minority leaders, however. A member of the Latino Caucus, former bilingual educator...

You'd expect he'd understand the risks of minority/majority language issues a little better.

- Linda

Deaf Tea Lady said...

I agree, Linda, on Mendoza...being of a minority group (although I don't think Latino is minority anymore...), he would know how it is,
however, we need to consider two things:

Some Latino leaders support language immersion and not the bilingual education where Spanish speaking students are placed in until they reach certain English mastery level at which time they move to regular classrooms...if Mendoza was a former bilingual educator, then it is probably safe to assume he is not for immersion approach.

The second thing is what he percept language to be. Does he percept ASL as a language or just a mode of communication. That may explain his position on AB2072...Spanish is a spoken language and he possibly does not see ASL as a language thus does not place essential role of ASL in deaf children's language development. Because speech and aural is part of a spoken language, he could relate and support oralism and CI for that reason.

It takes a special person like Romero to see ASL for what it is - a true language.

Linda said...

Thank you, Deaf Tea Lady!

That actually DOES explain some of the things about his sponsorship of the bill that had been puzzling the heck out me.

I kind of forgot that "language"="spoken language" in hearing, even under-empowered-majority language speakers. ;-)

- Linda

The One and Only Ridor said...

Anonymous -- your comment about Deaf people "hardly voted" is very tiresome and OLD. I know many, many and many Deaf people who do vote and perhaps it is YOUR circle of friends that do not vote.

Please don't speak for me and my friends, fool.


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