Saturday, October 02, 2010

Backpedaling Denials

Own up to what you said! Stop trying to sidetrack and confuse. Using English against the deaf for the purpose of ambiguity in the messages.


CAM said...

Thanks, Deaf Tea Lady. I agree that they do write that way on purpose to confuse people. Just so they can say they were misunderstood. That's a lousy thing to do. May I post your vlog on my blog?

the one and only ridor said...


You said it all!


Anonymous said...

I don't have any problems reading their blogs. It's pretty straight forward in what they say. Brings up interesting points though they force us to question them from a constructive point of view.


Anonymous said...

Barry is still denying, but this time they caught him.

His denials are in the comments of:

Ben Vess produced proof that Barry was lying (and REALLY mean) in:

Barry wrote the nasty letters to Barb Digi's, David Eberwein's employers and to Ella's board, intending to harm their reputations.

Now HE is backpedaling his denials with Mike's help.

See for yourself how DeafRead is hiding the proof blog, so is also helping the deniers do their backpedaling.